Audience: Nicolas Varela


Houses Without Walls

House Without Walls is a poetic play, in which you can feel the impact of the words and the performance. It's so well written that the people on the audience are able to relate themselves with the play in different levels. Moreover, the resolution of the play is not obviously clear which is really smart since the author and director gives the audience the gift of interpretation, in where we can talk about people who stayed, people who left, the struggling of being a mother, the pressure of being a daughter, immigration, motherland, life and death. The poetic words and phrases of this amazing author get into your skin and makes you connect with motherhood, with loneliness, with the missing and the regretting. This play talks beautifully about being a foreigner, an exiled, a motherland's betrayer in a city full of immigrants who came here looking for something better. Immigrants who are still struggling with being apart. I think it's important to see this play because connects with humane feelings and political issues such as immigration and what's going on now in the border. The Cube they talk about in the play it's at the same time our today society closing door to people who need help and separating children from their parents.