Audience: Modje


Octopi Wall Street

I absolutely loved this production. It was beautifully written; an intelligent, intellectual, hilarious, self-aware, and poignant snapshot of the far-reaching effects of climate change. I saw this show twice: on opening night and on closing night. From the first moment I heard the line “our smallness underpins immensity,” I knew the words would stay with me. The opening monologue and the closing remarks were just absolutely wonderful. This play is intelligence and intellectualism with a healthy dose of slap-stick thrown in for good measure.

Despite the clunky direction (the transitions between scenes were often uneven and disordered and the drunken birds scene, while hilarious, was difficult to hear because the actors were too loud and over-the-top in their performance), this show is a must-see and I really hope it will be expanded--I would love to spend more time with The Builder and The Glacier, both, as their characters really bring home the emotional impact of what this play is all about.