Audience: Michael Rizzo


Gideon and the Blundersnorp

DELIGHTFUL musical that is lighthearted and funny – get tickets early!

I loved the breaking of the 4th wall, I really enjoyed the songs and the acting.

The chase scene on the horses had some very clever stage direction (ala the Spidey Project) that made it fun

The staging of the Blundersnorp was very creative and very visually satisfying. Great job by the cast creating the Blundersnorp and the actors interacting with the Blundersnorp.

The hour breezed by and fun was had by all!



(It’s Been 76 Years and We’re) Still Waiting for Lefty

Go see this play! There is so much here to unpack in a great way. Every character had a dilemma and was truly 3 dimensional. There are no clear “protagonists” and “villains” — every character had a well thought out set of reasons to have their opinion. So much energy and strong characters in just 80 minutes

As my lovely Jane said, there was a fair and nuanced portrayal of every character.

For example, the “Trump voter” was not automatically demonized and had clear motivations that made sense…until he was challenged in his belief. The LGBT+ person was not the automatic “hero/heroine” — in fact, her true, extreme fear of COVID made her a little unsympathetic and drove even her girlfriend crazy.

The opening was very clever pulling in the original “Waiting for Lefty” and introducing it to the audience in a very modern way.

The play had a clear point of view around the effect of social media as multiple characters with wildly different opinions talked about how they found their information on Twitter….and of course it MUST be true.

The audio/visual elements were smart and added a lot to the performance.

Fantastic performances!