Publicist: Michael David Ker

Michael David Ker is a Storyteller, Moth Story Slam winner, Playwright, Director and Screenwriter. He’s had films at Slamdance, LA Film Festival, Toronto Film Fest and countless others. He has Produced television shows for A&E, Freeform, MTV and NBU-Universal where he recently sold a tv pilot. Michael David is an avid surfer who will be nowhere near his computer when the waves are good.


Lisa Verlos Hollwoodn't show was funny and moving at the same time. In this soulful solo Musical, Lisa expertly dives into countless characters, often through song, as she chronicles the good, the bad, the ugly and sometimes downright painful side of her sexual awakening. Effortlessly shifting perspectives from the POV of a teenager who is trying to "figure things out", in the thorny world of not only teenage boys her age, but also authority figures who abused her trust in the worst way, to Lisa in her twenties, as she tries to navigate the ugly side of Hollywood, with characters promising the glitz of the film world, but who are all too willing to exploit her for their own gain, to the present day narrator, who now has the wisdom to let her (and the audience) see the bigger picture. The songs rocked & it's also an extremely accurate picture of what Hollywood was like in the 80s and 90s.