Audience: Martin Keady


THEATRE IS THE CURE (International)

I write as both a contributor to and an audience member at THEATRE IS THE CURE (Friday 1 May 2020). I was lucky enough that my short lockdown/quarantine monologue, LAST RITES (the story of a man's epic journey to see his dying mother before lockdown/quarantine kicks in), was part of a night of lockdown monologues. Beautifully performed by Alex Wells, and sensitively directed by Hannah Logan (the TITC organiser), it was a delight, even at 4am and some 5,500 miles away in London! Hannah had helped me to rewrite what was originally a monologue set in England and relocate it to New England. It was a wonderful, fast-paced operation that even in a tiny way made me feel like a Beatle re-cutting an album for the American market! I loved the whole experience, remain indebted to Alex and Hannah for bringing my words to painful and funny life, and look forward to sharing LAST RITES (The American Version) far and wide when I get the recording of it. Best wishes to all at this worst of times! Martin Keady