Audience: Mara Delaney


Treya's Last Dance

Oh my gosh - wow - this play - where do I begin?! Treya's Last Dance was a blast!!! We were treated by Shyam Bhatt (actor and writer) to a rollercoaster ride through a speed dating event in London, which was maybe metaphor (?) for the actual issue being dealt with by Treya, the heroine - her brother's death. Shyam's writing is fantastic - funny, highly intelligent, accurate and poignant, and her acting is beautiful. She really brought each character Treya came into contact with to life (not least Treya herself), and held the audience's attention for her entire time on stage - I didn't realise how quickly the time was going! Poonam Basu (director) did a great job with this, using lighting to create place, mood and atmosphere, and introduced it as a fictional story. I started out with tears of laughter and ended with tears of empathy. What more could you want? Go see this piece while it's on! We need more of this kind of work.