Audience: Erica Madrid


DOUBLE DOUBLE - A Meditation on Macbeth

“He was Macbeth!” Laughs, colors, sounds, music, and whispering thoughts. The sensory experience and talent displayed by the artist made this play phenomenal. I found myself enchanted the entire way through with giggles on the tip of my tongue and my mind swirling in thought. The actors brought my focused attention to their body movements, their voices, and their eyes. Beautifully talented actors that truly engrossed the audience. On my drive home my mind wandered back to the colorful props, the playfulness between the actors micro-expressions and power-poses, and the mix of loud and soft sounds (an ASMR seekers paradise). The song numbers with the accompanying music were a huge highlight and incredibly entertaining. A great show that awoke my spirit and brought the muses of art out to play on the stage of The Shakespeare Center of LA. Thank you all for an enjoyable evening.