Audience: Alex Hathaway


The Big Event: King Dick

"So, what are you doing Sunday" was the question and the answer was, I was at The Complex Hollywood and I was watching 3 plays in a row! So King Dick is part of a trilogy of plays under the banner of "The Big Event Live" Come for one, stay for all 3!, there is even a 'Black Bag' Lounge to rest and recharge, hydrate, have a snack and discuss your favorite moments between plays!, such a wonderful idea for a Sunday! it was joyous! King Dick is part of a trilogy of plays written and performed by Christian Levatino, If you are looking for an extravaganza of great theatre, great writing and with an amazing set that just transports you straight into the scene, look no further. King Dick is, in my opinion, what I would consider the most fun of the 3, It's just different material to the other 2 plays but as a fan of Elvis, a fan of politics, I LOVED this! The play is centered around the historic meeting between Elvis (Levatino) his entourage, Jesse (Sanders) and the downright dastardly Dick Nixon (Doba) I truly love this play, the writing, the props, the music, its certainly immersive, and you can't help but get swept up with the insanity an authenticity of that era. If you're looking for good writing, great comedy and music and scene changes that is basically beautifully choreographed dance, then look no further!



The Universe (101)

From the moment I stepped in the Dory Theatre at The Complex, I was immersed into a scientific experiment. I didn't know what to expect, or the significance of the citrus based fruit but all was soon to become clear on this rollercoaster show. The show is a delightful mix of dark comedy in a scientific setting. Setting the scene, starting with a mysterious chest, a clown of science and an unwitting Victorian time traveler. The Universe 101 takes you on a journey of time space, magic, with audience participation that ended in a wonderful denouement worthy of Poirot! I was party to the stage show part of the show and I was astounded at what this duo managed to pull off. On the whole, I was pleasantly surprised by this show at the fringe. What I thought would be a an explanation of science theory was so much more and so entertaining. I finally now know why Schrödinger was at the same time a cat person and not a cat person! The story arc was faultless, the dialogue was spot on, the comedy element was so enjoyable I relished the setup and execution. the added element of audience interaction was fantastic. It had magic and wonder from the start, it was entertaining throughout and in my opinion the best show I've seen to date at this years Hollywood Fringe Featival. There are many other great shows at The Complex but if you want to see something standout and unique, then this is a must see! 5 Stars!