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Canceled/Postponed - Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2 Gender and Identity This sh*t just TRANS…formed

By now, most LA locals are aware of Pam's engaging and acclaimed solo shows, which she's taken on the road numerous times over the years. She's gifted at filling the stage with her electrifying personality and rich, resonant voice. But until recently, Pam served as more of an actress presenting OTHER people's words and stories. No more. As she's matured and taken on life's struggles head-on, she's shifted to writing her own experiences...primarily about the trials of motherhood. Although Pam has always been a great storyteller, her gifts as a writer are now on full display. What a delicious and wondrous treat! We are invited inside the mind of a loving mom navigating through the evolution of her creative children. But in my opinion, her latest chapter on exploring gender and identity is more powerful than anything in her previous work. This chapter is really ALIVE! It's topical, very present, ongoing and unique....and Pam has the balls to openly share her struggles. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the subject of this chapter is precocious, intriguing and adorable. With this seminal work, Pam has really thrust herself onto the national stage. Compelling stuff!