Audience: Ekaterina Duft


We Are Traffic – A Solo Rideshare Adventure

WHAT I LIKED I really enjoyed seeing pictures and videos that accompanied the show; great addition making the performance much richer. WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE To me personally, the length of the piece seemed close to perfect, but I know it is supposed to be slightly shorter, and I am looking forward to seeing this at the next showing. Then it will absolutely amazing! MY OVERALL IMPRESSION As a regular Uber rider, I was very excited to see this show, based on how much weird stuff I personally encounter on my trips. To my delight, the author/performer turned even the worst of his driving experiences into positive lessons for himself. Not only we laugh or gasp listening about his adventures, but also feel for him and almost cry, when he sincerely talks about his relationships, fears, and self-doubt. The show is totally funny and entertaining, but also makes you think and look for examples in your own life. I strongly recommend seeing it.