Non-Registered Critics: Julio Martinez

Julio pens the weekly LA STAGE Insider column for @ This Stage Magazine, as well as being a theater reviewer for Stage Raw. He is a recurring contributor to Written By (the monthly publication of the Writer’s Guild of America) and is the TeleVision columnist for Latin Heat Entertainment. On air, he hosts the weekly Arts in Review program for KPFK 90.7 FM. An active journalist for over 30 years, Julio’s articles and reviews have appeared in Los Angeles Times Magazine, Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, L.A. Weekly, Backstage West, Westways Magazine, and Drama-Logue Magazine, among others.

The Giant Void in My Soul

Recommended. Exquisitely realized comedia…...guided by the insightful, imaginative staging of Felix Solis. Exudes a synergistic energy, infusing and projecting the talents of the four-member ensemble. A brave new company.

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Robbins is a skilled storyteller, moving effortlessly through her narrative, punctuated with subtle comedic timing.

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Denim Doves

Rosie Glen-Lambert directs this farce as if she is trying to throw in bits of nonsense to distract the audience from the fact the play has nowhere go. Each of the wives (Meg Cashel, Jennie Ken, Lana Rae Jarvis, Teri Gamble) display uniquely individual characteristics that, while attention-getting, result in no pay off.

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Playwright Brittain has wrought a compelling new age love story that is enhanced by its transcendent casting. Director Sheppard has fashioned an attractive showcase; Nailaa Aladdin Sanders' costumes are play perfect. - RECOMMENDED

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The Rainbow Bridge

Playwright Ron Nelson has scripted a short farcical sojourn whose basic premise is frustratingly flimsy. Jerry, desperate to be rid of the two ghosts that now plague his every move, is told he must commit a murder in order to set things right. Under Michael R. Myer's direction, the seventy-five minute play moves along briskly.

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Director Joe Mantengna establishes a seamless flow of story and comedic performance, utilizing Theatre 68's stage area to optimum effect. Texturing the proceedings are the lighting, production, and sound designs of Matthew Richter.

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Nights at the Algonquin Round Table

Vlasak properly glosses over the self-serving antics of the group, offering enough of their jibes, wisecracks, jokes, and epiphanies to solidify the general tone of the round table gab fests without turning it into a tedious historical recounting of their brilliance.

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