Non-Registered Critics: Julia Lloyd George - Stage Raw



The audience is never privileged to fully understand her perspective and other shades of her character; she is merely the villain or the loser, with little in between. Though clearly the second most important character in the play, she’s presented with little depth. It’s clear that she loves and wants the best for her daughter, yet she so often achieves the exact opposite; I wanted to know so much more about the emotional history behind that tragic irony than I got.

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The Little Match Girl

Your enjoyment will depend a lot on your tolerance for morality plays and a generous heaping of sentimentality. This is the kind of piece that hammers you on the head with the message of helping those in need, yet makes you feel hardhearted for rolling your eyes at it. In fact, the best word I can use to sum it up is “sweet.” It is the kind of show I think would be great for kids — teaching them the importance of selflessness and empathy.

For the discerning adult, however, this candy-coated shell can feel tiresome and a bit dishonest.

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Department of Dreams

It caps off an ostensibly seductive yet ultimately desultory production that could use a couple of firm feet on the ground.

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