Audience: Johnny Cubert White


Hell's Kitty: The Musical

HELL’s KITTY – the musical!

Going to any Fringe theatrical production is an act of faith, is a gamble – the Russian roulette (if u will) of theatrical experiences. You could have a dud – u could have a masterpiece – the only guarantee is that u are supporting the theatrical arts community – and in the Los Angeles community of dreamers – the talented and less so are in abundance – and on full display these days of dedicated theatre going events.

Full disclosure: I am well acquainted with the project – have been an enthusiast of its creators – writer/producer Nicholas Tana & producing partner Denise Acosta – for quite some time – and am on the family side of friendships with them. So as biased as I am – I can honestly say objectively – go see HELL’s KITTY – as it is worthy of your time – and you of it’s entertainment.

Don’t be discouraged noting it’s 99 minute running time – nor if it’s generally late eve start time – this ride keeps your interest and delivers many catchy tunes.

Hell’s Kitty – as I left the theatre I greeted the producers with a huge smile and warm grasp ; “A + “ I said – very well done!

And I meant it! I was thrilled to see the price go from sketches on YouTube to a film on Amazon and now a musical version – with a feature film aspirations. Of course there are things … many more GREAT than REGRETTABLE – I could say about the experience – #FRINGEworthyHIT. – but Bedore I commit to any particulars, I need multiple viewings – excited to see it again!