Audience: jf Freydont


PillowTalk With Nessie

A charming show that was funny from beginning to end, except when it really wasn't funny and that was good, too. Very personal, very human. A strange story by a very appealing actor. PillowTalk w/ Nessie deserves a wider audience.



F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise

F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise, Keith Blaney's one-man show is unlike any one-person show I've ever seen. A witty everyman, Blaney faces the unfair ironies of life with humility and compassion. It's really more a night of storytelling than a one-person theatrical performance, and Blaney is a major league storyteller. As a kid golfer, this guy mortified the onlookers at a “Jr. Golf Tournament” by throwing down his club, cursing the audience, and quitting golf forever. He also had an early acting job watching close up at Demi Moore doing a strip for a week! Funny guy.