Non-Registered Critics: Jessica Doherty



Moss has a knack for balancing comedy and heart set to a naturalistic dialogue that feels straight from the halls of a high school. Yet these characters are able to go past their stereotypes and bring out moments of depth in even seemingly shallow moments or teenage tropes.

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The Solid Life of Sugar Water

“The Solid Life Of Sugar Water” is a fascinating and quick look into the complex nature of human physicality and intimacy. The audience is allowed into their home, into their bedroom, and are able to see something incredibly raw and real before them.

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The Wolves

It is miraculous that in 90 short minutes DeLappe manages to capture such a realistic portrait of American female adolescence and Dietze and her cast can bring it to life with such delight, honesty and heart.

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Two Fisted Love

Overall I left the play confused about what specifically to take away from the performance, however, the effects of the emotional roller coaster the play took its audience on lingered.

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