Audience: Jeremy Sapp


Thank You For Loving Me

Funny and Heartbreaking. The powerful piece triggered memories of past relationships with all of their ups and downs and forced me to reexamine my perspective on how I relate and listen to people I’ve cared about. Loving relationships are at times challenging and rewarding regardless of the outcomes. This play was a welcome reminder of lost love’s previous incarnations.The acting was superb. Ashley Fountain’s navigation of Bobbi’s emotions stirred the inner depths of my soul and touched me in unexpected ways. The chemistry between her and Scott drew the audience in through their joyful discovery of each other just to set us up for the painful misunderstanding of relating as their love evolves and shifts in all too familiar ways. Scott Langer has crafted a very genuine story with his realistic and nuanced writing. The staging was efficient and the lighting shifts helped to communicate the play’s use of Time.