Non-Registered Critics: Jenny Lower


Treya's Last Dance

Even without the fiercely intelligent script underlying Shyam Bhatt’s one-woman show, her thick South London accent would be enough to charm many American theatergoers. Pleasingly, there’s plenty of substance and humor to savor here too. - RECOMMENDED

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Blacktop Highway

Like Fleck himself, Blacktop Highway isn't easily categorized. And yet, after a week that included a shooting, massive wildfires, and a doctored White House video presented as truth, Fleck's exuberant phantasma made about as much sense as anything else.

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Les Liaisons Dangereuses

...this Liaisons is a delicious, crackling production that seduces the audience with its wit, humor and behind-the-curtain peek at sexual gamesmanship — even as it snatches away the veil and forces us to confront our own complicity in rooting for Valmont's victory. - RECOMMENDED

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