Audience: Jason Gelbart


I Decided I’m Fine: A Roach Play

Knew nothing about this piece beforehand, but decided to tag along with a friend last minute. Still not sure what I saw. Spent the past 15-years in NYC and saw A LOT of absurdist, avant-garde theatre Off-Broadway, so when I see something that boggles my mind, that carries a bit of weight. I'm in a weird position of not really enjoying what I saw but appreciating the effort and imagination that went into creating it. I mean - the show has next to nothing to say. It's not particularly deep, doesn't raise any profound questions, and barely even scratches the surface of what hoarding is or means (I question whether or not anyone involved with the production did any research into the disorder outside of a quick Google search). Seems like the creators cared more about being 'out there' and 'millennial' than they did about giving an audience something of value. But there is A LOT of creativity here, some really strong performances, and the definite feeling that you're watching something you won't see anywhere else. So - I am glad I saw it, but don't know how to recommend it? I am just hoping this play represents the last gasp of millennial hodgepodge before the creators grow up and leave Neverland.