Audience: Janice McCarthy


Town Brawl

In the exquisitely humorous production of Town Brawl, the creators position us right on the edge of our seats on a stage with the look, feel and energy of a Town Hall meeting.

They weave us into the immersive texture as we wait for the theatre doors to open. We hear people, both cast members (who knew?)and theatre goers complaining about everything from the temperature, the wait and what a duplicitous character Vicky, played by Maura McCarthy, is.

From it’s sharp writing to the energetic cast (and audience) Town Brawl takes us on a uproarious wild ride through the fictitious and oh so real community of Springdale. We all know a Vicky, a Big Mike, a Carol a Hunter, a Ron Jones and an art teacher.

It’s impossible to coast on this ride because the interaction between the characters and the audience was so real I felt like I was at a town hall meeting. The energy was contagious.

Town Brawl gives us a glimpse of our shared humanity; we all know people like the characters in the play, we’ve all been to meetings like that, albeit not as much fun, and maybe just maybe we can see a bit of ourselves in all these despicable, yet lovable characters.

I can’t wait for the next town hall meeting.