Audience: Janet Tunkle


Octopi Wall Street

What I liked
The well written vignettes (one of the monologues won an award in the Kennedy Center’s Annual College Theater Festival) are made entertaining by the excellent direction of Susan Jagosz and the wonderful performances of the seven-member cast, all of whom play multiple roles. I especially enjoyed the acting of Kimberley Loftus, playing a television reporter, and David Adler, playing a policeman, discussing a problem with birds getting drunk on berries which were fermenting because of unusually warm weather. That so many politicians want to pretend that man-made global warming doesn’t exist is absurd makes it appropriate that Karen Bram Casady’s new play, “Octopi Wall Street” has many absurdist elements.

What I didn't like
I suggest slowing down the pace of the show. There were times when the wonderful words went by a bit too fast.

My overall impression
All of planet earth whether living or inanimate is effected by the changing climate be it a mollusk and its shell, a blade of barley, or a glacier. Through vignettes that bring to life various headlines about global warming, Octopi Wall Street makes a strong statement about the perils of not taking action to reduce man made climate change.