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These are real people in real situations, acting very much like real people, which gives them their humanness: they are capable of seeming foolish, funny, ruminative, aggressive, contradictory, right, wrong, impulsive, sometimes afraid to stir but always alert. These are people you learn to love, because, in a sense, they are you. Perhaps, to Wilson, that was Chekhovian enough.

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The Producers

To say that Michael Matthews directs with high style would be accurate and yet hardly capture the clockwork quality of his staging, as if he were doing a jigsaw puzzle and getting the next piece spot-on every time. Added to this, it has a cinematic fluidity which gives the actors so much room to play around that when they move into that very place Matthews wants them to be, it doesn’t look like direction at all but rather as if was totally natural for the characters to get themselves into such knottily twisted physical arrangements. In short, the embodiment of finely tuned farce...

If there is a better time to be had in any theater in Los Angeles, lead me to it. But I’m betting it’s a much better idea to see The Producers twice.

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...Les Waters’ direction couldn’t be more precise. It was a riveting experience and cannot be explained without giving away too much. In addition to extraordinary storytelling, one sequence is so electrifying that it becomes one of those rare theatrical moments which once seen will never be forgotten, and the sheer genius of achieving power by keeping things simple and straightforward, there is the incredible, often magical, performance of Deirdre O’Connell.

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Matthew Bourne's 'Cinderella'

So, depending on where you stand, it all adds up to either art with a capital “A” or kitsch with a capital “K.” You get what you came for.

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An Inspector Calls

In his sometimes astonishing, sometimes mesmerizing, sometimes a touch too tricky for its own good, production, Daldry elevates the play to an importance it deserves. In this case, actors play a secondary role to the special effects, so, while the cast is pretty much good enough, it is a far cry from being sensational or memorable.

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La Razon Blindada

A DAZZLING ACHIEVEMENT…extravagantly theatrical… as staggering in its execution as it is praiseworthy in its intentions.

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