Audience: Gene Partridge


The Narcissist Next Door

A lovely show with a charming cast and a ton of laughs. The play gets off to a brisk start when Kate, played by sensational Kincaid Walker, bursts into her best friend Sebastion's, played by a very adept Michael Nardelli. These two actors have awesome chemistry and trade clever quips at a pace Neil Simon would approve of. Soon we meet the play's narcissist namesake, Tony. Luca Malacrino gives a great performance in this role and carries most of the second act's problematic plot. This play was well directed by Susan Dalian and Ellen Buckley's script is funny, showing flashes of something bigger and better, perhaps with a deeper dive into the plot and action that unfolds late. I missed the relationship we invested in between Kate and Sebastion later in the show and the end is a bit of a head-scratcher, but overall, I really enjoyed this production! Bravo to all involved but special notice to the excellent performances!