Non-Registered Critics: Ezra Bitterman



Milani is great in her role as a confused young woman locked between her religion and science. Her up-and-down personality takes the audience on a wild ride of emotion...

Jeff Marlow is very strong in this role; his wholesome southern accent and curmudgeon attitude are perfect for this role. Also, his well-timed enthusiasm is exciting to watch and he delivers some heartfelt monologues...

However, ultimately, it's hard to sympathize with someone who tampers with other scientists' experiments because of lost girlfriends, regardless of how charming they may be.

I just couldn't find the play's larger vision.

Jeff Rowlings' set design makes the underfunded public-school look like an expensively sheik redone classroom. New posters fill the walls and the room is clean. Hard to believe this is a setting for a school short on funds.

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Hype Man

The play is very funny, showing playwright Goodwin's expertise at creating zingers and relatable back and forth insults. However, the writing lacks in other areas: Peep One often brings up her mixed race, creating interesting racial commentary. The drawback is that this commentary remains just commentary without a dramatic purpose.

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The Cripple of Inishmaan

Of the multiple acting companies performing the play for Antaeus, the Yalla-Mallows ensemble is terrific, hilariously portraying rural life in Ireland... - RECOMMENDED


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