Non-Registered Critics: Ethlie Ann Vare



This is an old-fashioned entertainment, but in no way stuffy or outdated. The celebrity-studded opening night audience was delighted, jumping from their seats for a standing ovation. Orry-Kelly is long overdue for his close-up, and Nick Hardcastle is just the man to channel his spirit.

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Nancy F***ing Reagan

It swings from the funny to the dramatic to the absurd, but manages to do so without ever seeming jarring or unmotivated.

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Miss America's Ugly Daughter: Bess Myerson & Me

Eve Brandstein, noted casting director and founder of Poetry in Motion, directs with an eye to emotional authenticity, which is challenging when you only have one performer onstage (and a fairly stiff one at that.) Set design by Elisha Schaefer is simple but elegant and effective, and both the image projections and needle-drop music choices are evocative.

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Its voice is an amalgam of David Mamet, Neil LaBute and Aaron Sorkin – scorching dialog delivered at a ferocious pace, a highwire act for actors in a small repertory. The Echo Theater Company pulled it off beautifully on opening night at the Atwater Village Theater.

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Jews, Christians, and Screwing Stalin

“Jews, Christians and Screwing Stalin” is a love letter to a bubbe and an opportunity for some older actors to shine. It isn't ready for Broadway yet, but that's what Equity waiver is for.

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All American Sex Addict/Woke AF

The staging may be simple – a couch, basically — but the character interactions have complexity. A scene between rival women even passes the Bechtel test. It's an auspicious work from a young playwright and an upbeat addition to the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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