Non-Registered Critics: Eric Larkin


Freud's Last Session

FAST-MOVING… ENGAGING… it almost brought tears to my eyes to watch an actual ‘point/counterpoint' done in good faith. This is face-to-face, two humans talking and listening, with all their foibles and humanity, front and center.

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It's brilliant, and Rogue/EWP have earned a place in one of the weirdest, coolest supernatural monster traditions on the planet.

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Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale interact with the person running the sale, and then you change the show by removing someone from it. This is oddly affecting, as you can get to know an object/character, and then they're just silenced. If you happen to see the show with folks who don't realize the ways they could wreck it – half your cast will be gone within the first 10 minutes, and you'll never know anything about those objects/characters. This can be frustrating as a show, but there's also something very real about it: as in, “death” is sudden, permanent and inconvenient. Of course this one is Nordic.

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