Audience: Elisabeth Hower


Mil Grus

Loved it! Can’t wait to see where this group is going to go next. Limitless potential in how they could play. Go for their physical play, and for your idea of “entertainment” to be completely deconstructed.

All the performers were SO STRONG. Bouffon requires nerves and guts of steel to perform, as well as an unapologetic naughty streak, and these guys nailed it. Jenson and Jeremy in particular seem to live in this skin especially comfortably, even when they got in trouble— the night I went, Jenson accidentally hit someone with a small flag, but navigated the situation with aplomb.

ALL OF THE BITS WITH THE MUSIC! I could watch them ballet dance all night!

The show is dark and hilarious and grotesque in the best way, and the PHYSICAL PLAY is astounding. They were never panicked, never in a rush, and enjoyed even the moments that “didn’t work”, because that in itself accomplishes one of the goals of bouffon- they are not here to please us, they are here to make us gaze at ourselves.