Non-Registered Critics: Edward Hong - The Nerds of Color


West Adams

While I have issues with the writing and question who this piece is particularly intended for, I do appreciate provocative works of art even if their purpose is not exactly clear and the majority of their small ensemble lack any depth or arc to them besides just being downright terrible people. I appreciate works written and directed by PoC artists and I applaud the Skylight Theatre Company for being one of the very few theatre companies in Los Angeles willing to put up numerous original works by PoC artists and cast PoC actors in meaningful lead roles on a regular basis as opposed to having just one minority play of the season. So despite my issues with the story, I can definitely recommend this show as something at least worth watching.

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...go watch this play immediately, if not for the fact that you will be treated to a WWII play done superbly well, but to see a fine PoC female director at work with a tremendous cast and team to back her up.

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