Audience: Darren Moores


The Women of Lockerbie

It's so refreshing to actually see talent at the Fringe Festival! This cast is outstanding. All working actors and an off-Broadway director really separated this show from every show at HFF I've seen so far. The set, the lights, and the costumes were all spot on. The script is very clever. It flew by. This show made me want to research the true story. If you're going to support a Fringe show, this is the one!



F*ck Fiction: True Tales of Life & Death in Paradise

As a professional story teller, I enjoy seeing one man/woman shows comprised of personal stories of horrors and triumphs. Keith brings his years of story telling experience to this show and it was awesome. Just awesome. I found myself laughing all the way through and always pulling for this ginger underdog. Two thumbs way up!