Audience: DropDeadSexy


God: The Apologies Tour

I'm not a religion fiend. I don't want no one preachin' at me about nothin'. So you best LISTEN UP when I tell you GO SEE THIS SHOW. You hear me? GO SEE IT. Funny. Cool. Intense. Amusing. This ain't your parents God. This one ain't even just one God. It's multiple, different but still like one in a mix both woke AND salty. Depends on which God you get. Did I mention you get to CHOOSE which God you want? That's unique AF--like converting multiple times at once! Anyone missing this thing misses best Fringe show I've danced through so far!



Love, Locs & Liberation

Okay, girlfriend. This story is REALLY about hair. I mean, damn it is REALLY. ABOUT. HAIR. But so what? It was fun, cool, neat, different, and a fine piece of visionary lady. Solo shows are hard as (expletive deleted for the kiddies and Conservs out there) but this lady (Ms. Turenne if you're nasty) held her own and played it through. 100% worth seeing, and this from someone who is nearly as concerned about his great-ass head topping.



Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

Look--there ain't nothin' that's big different or big unique going on here. It's a replicant of those old indy tv monster shows. A little magic. A little vaud-e-ville. A bad story with a villain. So what? When it's done well, a good ole reunion of the past is awesome. And so was this. I had fun from the goofy beginning to the un-expected creepy finale that was MUCHO effective with minimal effort. Just like them old shows always were. Or so my dad told me, anyway. If this is late-night (like it was for me), I think you should go. No joke. It was good for after drinking, before drinking or coming off a high. I was one of these when I saw it--and it was WORTH IT!!




So don't throw me in a locker or nothin', but I was a D&D kid. Sue me, I wasn't yet the shining star I am today, so what? I hoped to find similar kids in this show. People who loved it. Who lived it. Who knew it. And a script that got it. Sad face. About 75% of what I wanted was there (like most dates, right?) It wasn't a bad show. It was a pretty good show, I guess. It just wasn't dancing on the ceiling. And it ain't the cast, cuz they were shiny. Especially the ladies. Strong ladies, smart ladies, bring on the X-X army! Loved it. It was the script. It loved the idea of D&D more than it loved D&D. It wanted to be an orgasm of retrograde memories and instead it was a night after too much drinking. All desire, only partial followthrough. If you've got time, it's got moments. But if you have other ideas first, get to them. Then swing back for this show. 'Cause it's definitely game to try.



Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical

The Girl. Her Boyfriend. The Cheerleader. Her asshole boyfriend. All great! SERIOUSLY GREAT!!! Actually, whole cast real, real good.

I saw the werewolves as metaphor. Internal Beast as desire. 50's America to 80's rebellion. Naive to adult. Dangers of excess. LOVE IT. Way deeper than it seems at first glance.

Starts fun and campy. Goes darker as it moves. Tight at 90 minutes. Some great songs. Rock music TOTALLY there, cause Rock includes different decades.

As for sexual plotline, no issues with it at all. Thought it totally necessary for story and worked in context. Gotta be villains in a tale, especially one with repression at core and overcoming repression as a theme. Think some people missed a boat cause they were too busy driving their issues Uber.

Some sound issues in the second half need to be solved. Dunno what the cause is but it did make it harder to hear the singers. Like the music just got louder in the 2nd half? Fix that and all good. Would also be better with a live band. Tracks make songs weaker, sound less rock than they are. As a musician, I could tell what composer WANTS THEM TO BE--and that's what they NEEDS TO BE.

I totally LOVED this show!!! Campy with a dark underbelly. Fun then DARK TWISTS that spin the heart. Take a town that's 'perfect' in a creepy way 'cause it's so shut down/shut tight with morality issues and then infect it with the 'werewolves' of desire and freedom. DIG IT, BABY!!

I see this as a first version. That's what Fringe is for. I wanna see this extend, revise and be something lots of theaters want to perform! Perfection, California, USA, THE WORLD!



Psychosical: An Asylum Cabaret

SO, GREAT music and GREAT singing. COOL mixing of songs.

But be warned that it's pretty much just that.

It's cabaret-style show. Not much story. Not much other than singing and stuff.

Three Clubs is good for that. THIS IS GOOD for what it is.

But I hoped Insane Asylum would be cool STORY with music. Not just cool MUSIC and SINGING with a theme.

That's like a tease and I wanted all the sex, ya get my drift.



Legend of the Hidden Three Clubs

Okay, great theater it ain't.

BUT WHO F***ING CARES??????????

A game show. Sort of.

An improv piece. Sort of.

Drunken debauchery. HELLS YEAH!

You got two goofy dudes who introduce stuff. Then three drunken contestant teams. And they were DRUNK. Is that a requirement? If so, I WANTS TO PLAY, Masked Man!

Then there was something that happened and something else and I had alot to drink. ALOT.

The only thing that was bad was the one girl from the one team who wanted to talk about turtles or something. SHUT UP ALREADY. Even the Goddess knew that was lame. GO SEE THIS if you're drunk and it's happening!



Airplane Live!

I tried. I REALLY TRIED, ladies.

I DIG the original movie. WANTED to dig this play.

I tried. They did some updates to the jokes that were fun. It could have worked!

I tried. I guess I picked the wrong week to quit taking acid before seeing a Fringe show.

When you take a movie and shrink it to 1 hour--should be NO pacing issues. There were.

When you parody something--should find people who can beautify the original tone and delivery. There were not.

Two actors did it--the doc and the dude who picks the wrong day to quit stuff. GOOD ON YOU TWO!

Everyone else was just not good or bad. They were just doing things. THIS IS AIRPLANE. Do more than the things.

I TRIED. I REALLY TRIED. Maybe they'll get funnier.

Your risk.



Robot Monster the Musical

Wanna make a musical about a terrible movie? Make a GOOD parody!


The music: Bad. Couldn't remember a single song two hours later. NOT A GOOD SIGN.

The acting: Flat. Especially the younger scientist. Guy tried to chew the scenery, ended up just coming across as begging for attention like a desperate teenager.

The pacing: Slow. SUPER SLOW. I saw the preview and it ran like 15 minutes long. FRINGE. Get your timing right.

There was a song that was just one long fart joke. NO joke.

There was a song that had choreography that was just masturbation gestures. NO joke.

Avoid this. NO JOKE.