Audience: Debba


Embrace Love Free

The miracle of this show is how Justin takes a gawdawful, horrible, no good, very bad, harrowing experience and turns it into a journey of love and laughter, thru the agonizing pain of a cancer diagnosis. The twists and turns from bright to dark would have brought a lesser person to their knees and I truly do not know how Justin and his wife, Mary Lou, survived the experience with their hearts and souls and minds intact. But they did it. And they triumphed. See this show!



Willy's Lil Virgin Queen

Willy's Lil Virgin Queen is a tour de force by Terra Taylor Knudson. She is in full command of the material and herself, and gives the most engaging performance. For reals: I laughed, I cried. She is such a delight and completely charmed the audience. Had us eating out of her hand in a matter of minutes. Terra is a true master.