Audience: DeAubrey Smith


Ask A Black Woman

It was a journey to get to this show. My boyfriend and I missed ticket sales for her first 3 showings, so we purchased tickets to the encore performance on the 13th. We actually were 5 minutes late to the show, due to being at the wrong location. Thankfully they held the start just enough for us to run to the entrance. THAT ALONE WAS BEAUTIFUL!
So the actual show was.... SPECTACULAR! As a black gay man with a name like DeAubrey, I strongly felt and resonated with the topics and themes of Shanara's show. I laughed, clapped, grunted, and sniffed back legit tears. It's in your face, and its assertive. There is no way to watch her performance and leave with any questions regarding what her intentions were, and what she was pointing out to all non-black women. SEE US. HEAR US. RESPECT US. LOVE US. GET TO KNOW US. BEFORE YOU JUDGE US.
Us = Black women.