Non-Registered Critics: David Cruz-Chevez


Birdland Blue

Thanks to set designer Ernest Gardner, every piece of the set and furniture transports the audience to 1959 Birdland, and makes it truly feel like we are witnessing one of the greatest sextets to ever grace a stage. - RECOMMENDED

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Native Voices at the Autry Presents Pure Native

Pure Native is a production that depicts the struggles of real people. The design of this production has allowed for a blend of minimalism and complexity, which allows for the audience to take in the show at a slow but steady pace.

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Brilliant Traces

Thanks to Kiff Scholl's direction Brilliant Traces has great pacing and propels a strong narrative throughout the entirety of the production, undermined only by the need for more quippy dialogue between Henry and Rosannah.

The show has much to recommend it.

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