Non-Registered Critics: Cory Bilicko


Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill

International City Theatre’s current production boasts the magnificent Karole Foreman in the lead role; she delivers impeccably in telling Holiday’s disturbing and humorous tales, but she also offers performances during the musical numbers that impress in vocal quality and land very closely to Holiday’s distinctive sound.

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The Price

With his strained gait and lively Russian-Yiddish accent, Tony Abatemarco gives a stunning performance as the 90-year-old furniture dealer Gregory Solomon; I’d thought he was playing a man close to his own age, but, judging by his head shot in the program, his character is actually considerably older than he.

His is certainly not the only impressive performance, however. Nevell and Elyse Mirto, as Esther, seem to have such an easy-going, familiar relationship, and their New York accents are authentic and avoid caricature. Foxworth embodies Walter’s arc well– first, presenting him as the self-possessed success story, then revealing him as the guilt-ridden brother who had escaped from a complicated mess that is unearthed in the second act.

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