Audience: Corey Chappell


Deconstructing Holly

Though you’d NEVER know it from hanging out or working with her, Holly has been through some pretty traumatic experiences. She unveils all in this brilliant 1-woman show where she lays her heart (and every body part she has lost) out on the table. Her story is woven beautifully as she bounces between playing herself, her “guide” Nigella, her doctors, schoolmates and many of the men she has dated. While it is a heart-warming, autobiographical play of one woman’s road to self love & acceptance, her journey is a relatable reminder of the unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves and the unnecessary and often unhealthy compromises we seem willing to make in an effort to please others.

Holly Sidell gives the performance of her lifetime (literally), beautifully directed by Jonathan Fahn. The subject matter is mature, but the show never gets too bogged down or heavy while still honoring the full weight of the material. I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself out to the theater to witness this brave piece of beautiful storytelling.




This play moved me to tears more than once. It deals with heavy subject matter skillfully written with humor woven in. All 3 actors gave standout performances. Truly superb & highly recommended.