Audience: Christian Cintron



Mono/Poly is the type of show that reminds you of the immense acting talent roaming around LA. Like the beach, we can take it for granted. And yet, this play brings a transcendent theatrical experience. While on the surface, this show explores the difference between monogamous and polyamorous relationships but it does so much more. It deep dives into the primal fears that bar us from intimacy. It showcases the conversations we need to have to make relationships work. It explores sexuality without needing to rely on graphic sex. It's intersectional. The characters are full-dimensional and complex. Their identities are so much more than their gender, sexuality or race. Tanya Alexander channels an impeccable amount of gravitas as Victoria aka Dragon. Robert Mammana's charm and silver tongue really make a meal out of some delicious dialogue. And standout Angela Sauer drives a lot of the emotional arc in the play. Her character of Henri seems at first a snide H.B.I.C. but we see her emotional army and her soft center. This play manages to be thoughtful and impactful while also having the right amount of humor and levity. Overall, a must-see play that explores relationships in our present day and age.