Audience: Chloe Gershenson


Shiva For Anne Frank

If you are a human being in LA, you NEED to see this show! Especially if you are a woman, a Jew, queer, or a person who hates fascism and bigotry. If you are someone who hasn’t read Anne’s diary since middle school or are a WWII history buff, everyone will get something out of this show. It is extremely funny, heartfelt, and relatable. I learned more about Anne than I ever knew before and got to rediscover what an intelligent young woman she was. This show is politically poignant in a society that is oversaturated with news of mass shootings and systemic racism. Rachel wrote this show from the heart, and her performance leaves the audience both laughing and in tears. (It was laugh out loud funny.) Go see this show, you will regret it if you don’t!