Audience: Chelsea White


THEATRE IS THE CURE (International)

I participated as a playwright in the inaugural event on World Theatre Day, March 27th. It was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed the actor/director team that brought my monologue to life and I enjoyed watching the rest of the fantastically written, acted, and directed monologues. As an emerging playwright who focuses on monologues and short plays, this was a unique virtual opportunity that was fun to be part of and I can't thank Hannah Logan enough for her hard work. I gave it a Sweet-Sour rating because of my second time participating but as a director on April 3rd, the live link was never established and there was a lot of delay in the communication to the audience/directors about what was happening and it was just frustrating waiting for so long. I do appreciate that Hannah made it right by having them all recorded via Zoom and posted for everyone to view. I just think from week to week, there could be more organization but this event is doing important work in this difficult time of COVID-19 and I would participate again, which I was offered as a result of the April 3rd issues. Thank you, Hannah for creating this weekly event! I'd recommend everyone tune in or sign-up to participate.