Audience: Charlene Jewell


Edgar Allan Poe

I try to find a few unusual things to do to celebrate Halloween this season. I am so glad I chose this performance of Edgar Allen Poe this year. Duffy Hudson created a really unique and powerful performance. I loved watching him get into character, tell the story of what drew him to Poe, and his discussion of "voluntary suspension of disbelief". It all made me so much more present in what was happening and appreciate even more what I was about to see. I hadn't read Poe in a long time, and hearing his readings was magic. I was fascinated with Poe all over again. Even more so with the personal accounts that Poe shared, which made the stories and poems both horrifying and heartbreaking at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and the folks at FON Productions were so warm and welcoming. It was a brilliant and intimate show. Very well done!