Non-Registered Critics: Catherine Siggins


Faith Healer

Faith Healer's rich language and syntax draws on the sense of ritual and prayer, rooted in the Irish oral tradition of storytelling, poetic and conversational in equal measure. As such, it requires the strongest of performers who can hold your attention, as they stand on the stage alone, weaving their entertaining tales to hide their denial and delusion. Paul Norwood, Diana Cignoni and Ron Bottitta are such a cast, well-balanced and engaging.

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Radiant Vermin

Funny and appalling in equal measure, what makes this play additionally engaging for the viewer is that they don't get to just sit back and judge. True to Ridley's “in-yer-face” style, the fourth wall is broken, as all the characters directly address the audience, creating the feeling that they are colluding. It produces some wonderfully uncomfortable laughter and silences.

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Freud's Last Session

Under the expert direction of Robert Mandel, this exciting 75 minute exchange never drops its energy or focus. Both Martin Rayner as Freud, and Martyn Stanbridge as C.S. Lewis are exceptional, hitting each beat change with precision, and they are razor sharp in their delivery, be it a barb or a quip...This is indeed an excellent evening of entertainment.

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If Beckett is your thing, this production makes for an engaging evening, and these short plays are a great way to experience a broad spectrum of Beckett's exploration of life, death, loneliness, alienation and futility, and always with some wonderful dark humor.

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