Non-Registered Critics: Carol Davis


THE OUTSIDER at North Coast Repertory Theatre

Smith’s “Outsider” is a romp into the world of political extremes as seen through different lenses as the population shifts from one end of the spectrum to the other. Fortunately Director Ellenstein keeps the pace at elevated speed as we watch the transition of Ned from someone behind the scenes to just what the state needed in the person as, yes, everyman.

With a cast equal to the task everyone on board has their moments but no one will forget Ms. Wilke, whose performance is consistently at a at the top of her game.

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The family drama that’s acted out in Love’s play builds to a powerful and unexpected finally. Both actors give the audience a true sense of how close we all are to crumbling under that pressure.

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Bloomsday at North Coast Repertory Theatre

Dietz’s idea of giving truth (or not) to a story as old as time where love is in bloom but goes unfulfilled and where love is found but through unpredictable circumstances is lost and faded memories can only recall what should have, could have, would have been, is enhanced by the first-rate ensemble work of the four actors on stage...

Have fun with this. I’ll give it  two thumbs up!

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The Sunshine Boys at North Coast Repertory Theatre

Director Jeffrey B. Moss had the good sense to bring two absolutely solid actors to portray the Lewis and Clark of Simon’s oldie. The comedy team of Wolpe and Sutorius are still able to pull off his thinly veiled plot...

If you are looking to put a little laughter in your lives, try The Sunshine Boys”.

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The Vandal

Director Kari Hayter and her three member cast are so tightly connected that the one act about 70 minutes long account digs into your brain that so much of what we are seeing and hearing becomes an exercise in ferreting out the truth, or just accepting that it is their reality and move on.

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Amadeus at North Coast Repertory Theatre

North Coast Rep’s current production, “Amadeus” now on stage through Oct. 6th, is in excellent shape right out of the chute. It’s near perfect. Richard Baird’s direction is exquisite and flawless. Tony Amendola’s Salieri is mesmerizing. Rafael Goldstein’s mercurial Mozart is brilliant and Elisa Benzoni’s costumes are out of this world. There’s nothing shabby about the rest of the cast or production either. It’s a must see show.

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Tenderly at North Coast Repertory Theatre

Marotta, who directed, choreographed and acted, originated his role at the Cincinnati Playhouse. Sorsa performed it at Georgia Ensemble Theatre in Atlanta. Together they are a perfect match and play well off each other as the musical history/story unfolds flawlessly.

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It hits the audience on so many levels that by plays end, I saw more folks, men included, wiping tears away than I have seen in some time.

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Another Roll of the Dice at North Coast Repertory Theatre

In a time when the world is topsy-turvy Mark Saltzman’s book with music and lyrics from Frank Loesser’s playbook and with keen direction and choreography by Larry Sousa, this brand new “Another Roll Of The Dice” is a welcome relief from reality...

The talented and excellent cast is pretty busy changing roles and shifting characters all in a flash of an eyelash and dressed to characterize each shady type by Elsa Benzoni.

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M. Butterfly

Unfortunately, I found the intimacy, struggles and tensions between the two men lacking in chemistry. The relationships when intimate were cautious and reserved at best. Where was the passion?

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Daniel's Husband

Director Simon Levy and his top- notch ensemble bring out the good, the bad and the ugly of each of the five characters...

There is no doubt that the entire cast is completely and emotionally invested in this production. True emotions that run this deep can’t be phoned in. While I can’t speak to my fellow playgoers, yours truly left a little teary eyed knowing what heartbreak lies ahead for all involved.

...Yes it was well worth the drive.

Two thumbs up.

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