Audience: William Bingham


It's Just My Life

I enjoyed the stories, and they were honest and heartfelt. However, I couldn't help feeling that there's gold in the material that wasn't mined. Partly it was due to the lack of attention on the presentation, but also, the storytellers played it safe, avoiding the deep and powerful emotions that could have been brought out. The separatist concept of having only women storytellers feels a little dated for 2018, and it limiting as there isn't much contrast in the perspective. I would love to see this show next year after the storytellers and director really dig deep.



Snap, Honey!

I'm not sure why I was supposed to care about a drag queen who wasn't very good or interesting. It me of those horrible, horrible AMERICAN IDOL auditions, in which the person's deluded about their talent and insists upon his/her greatness. Some of the supporting cast were very good, and the authors tried to find some depth, but it all remained superficial. It's not a train wreck, it's just an ill-conceived mess.