Audience: Bree


Mandy Picks A Husband

What I liked

I loved, loved the musical part of the show. I had no idea that Amanda had such a good voice, and the timing of the musical bits were just perfect. The songs were recognizable but customized to flow within the play. Her ability to move between deeply unsettling ideas as part of her story to then come out on the other side in her story and performance was incredible.

What I didn't like

I would only say this because I do follow the instagram account and I know that she ends on talking about Zack which we think is out of the picture now. I’d want the latest and greatest update! But I can always look at instagram for that. 🙂 I was born in 87 and I got MOST of the musical references but a couple I didn’t, which again, didn’t hurt the performance, but I do feel the ones that I did understand enriched the performance further.

My overall impression

My general impressions of this show was WOW. I felt like I was taken on a journey, a ride through a very layered and textured version of love.