Non-Registered Critics: Bill Eadie


The Story of My Life

In Chance’s hands, a sweet and subtle story of friendship becomes a soaring affirmation of the power of love.

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Fireflies shapes up as 90 minutes of a crumbling marriage, one that is driving Olivia mad, but this dysfunction is rescued by the nuance and sensitivity of the two performers, in collaboration with director Lou Bellamy. The founding director of Minneapolis' Penumbra Theatre, Mr. Bellamy has worked with these two actors in the past. With Fireflies, they rely on their mutual knowledge of each other as theatre-makers, their knowledge of characters like Olivia and Charles, and, I imagine, on their knowledge of each other as people. In any case, the result is a domestic drama that builds emotionally from the kinds of small touches that can keep a sensitive audience enthralled...

And it is all these things that make the South Coast Repertory production of Fireflies an engaging and, to a degree, shattering, 90 minutes of theatre.

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The Vandal

Now making its West Coast premiere, the play is a meditation on truth, lies, and when each are preferred, and Chance Theater takes up the challenge with gusto...

Kari Hayter's direction coaxes layered performances from each actor that serve to smooth over both rough and slow spots in the script. The result is moody, focused, and eerie.

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Amadeus at North Coast Repertory Theatre

This sign of an excellent ensemble is also a sign of excellent direction, and Mr. Baird deserves high marks for staging an intimate production where pageantry is eschewed in favor of emotional engagement. The climatic scene where Salieri and Mozart get “down and dirty” is worth the price of admission alone...

It is clear that Artistic Director David Ellenstein and his colleagues wanted to begin the new season with a bang – and they have.

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Just getting Ragtime on the Chance stage deserves applause. Producing it with many fine performances deserves even more applause.

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