Audience: Rebecca Walach


PLAY ON! A One-Woman Musical Romp with Shakespeare's Women

WHAT I LIKED Laura's exquisite voice and song writing ability. The songs were so well written and performed. I left with a CD and now I can cry at the beauty of this show wherever I am. I was truly moved by Laura's construction of her characters. I also think the lights matched the colors of the names of the characters listed in the program; which was helpful. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE I think Laura might need to have a mic or the audience should sit closer since she is always at the piano and never off the platform. I would like a little bit of dialogue for the characters between their songs or maybe it can be sprinkled into the songs. I know Shakespeare but I am rusty. It also might be nice to have a little sign of what character we are seeing next so we don't need to look at the program MY OVERALL IMPRESSION A truly beautiful and moving piece of musical theatre. One of the greatest new musicals of our time.