Audience: Beach Vickers



See a sad play like, say, The Diary of Ann Frank, and I leave sadder, angrier. I practically want to kill myself. But the Hollywood Fringe Festival playwright, who uses his much longer full name in the program, but I know as Kerry Kaz, writes so concisely about the suffering people in his 80-minute one-act WOUNDED and his cast is so hyper-realistic down to their very fingertips (watch them!) that the effect is not more sadness, but a feeling of more empathy for the human condition. There is no happy Hollywood ending to these particularly physically brutal scenes between a young female and the two war-ravaged male vets she stalwartly cares for and CARES for (in both senses of the word). But magically the struggle is empowering -- and -- guess what! -- you definitely will not leave wanting to kill yourself.