Audience: Ashton Avila


Gun and a Motel Bible

I saw this play twice and I hope I get the chance to see it again! First thoughts.... what brilliant writing! The play has such a simple premise, but through that premise the characters take us on a complex journey of understanding what makes and justifies a moral code. At the beginning I was quick to choose my side between the characters, but just about halfway through... I couldn't pick a side anymore as I found myself rooting for both of them. And what beautiful performances! The chemistry between actors Bradley Gosnell and Daniel Floren really brought the story to life. Their genuine/honest performances were a rollercoaster ride. One moment I was laughing out loud and just a minute later my heart was breaking. The direction was fantastic and the energy throughout the play took the suspense that was set up in the premise even further. Seeing it a second time gave me a chance to appreciate it even more, catching small details I missed the first time around. I hope to have the chance to see Gun and a Motel Bible again, share it with some friends, and I look forward to what the collaborators of this show come up with next.