Audience: Ann Thomas


Crabbe and Goyle are Dead

Crabbe and Goyle Are Dead is an amazing, fast paced show, worth seeing! The two lead actors, Graydon Schlichter and Michael Lutheran, have great timing, and do a great job! Another standout is Kiki Anderson, playing Tinsy, the house elf. Kitty Keim's writing gave lots of meat to the actors to sink their teeth into, and it showed. I encourage everyone to see this!



Tales From the Powder Room

Tales from the Powder Room is a periscope view into a corporate women's restroom. On one hand a sanctuary, but on another, violated by corporate posturing at times. Well performed, overall, with two standouts: Megan Olivia, with her over the top performance. Davida Sal, with her extremely touching and deft handling of her emotions in what could be a very tense situation. The rest of the cast were very good, but had less to work with in their scenes. I highly recommend this play!