Audience: Andres Arroyo


Houses Without Walls

The play approaches immigration by engaging with the people who stay behind. By doing so, the play gives a voice to this community in a way that many other mediums scarcely do. The play succeeds in depicting the pain these populations face while being separated from their loved ones, either forcibly or willingly. The cast capture an array of emotions that come along in this process: longing, pain, humor, hopefulness, and cynicism, to name a few. Additionally, the story the play tells is a universal tale that applies to many populations of people who have had to interact with large numbers of their people leaving others behind. Looking at my fellow audience members, I see this play evoking emotion from all walks of people, which is a testament to both the play's writing and the cast's performance. The concise structure of the work allows for each line to feel important and urgent. By doing so, the play's length reminds audiences that the play is not capturing a character's whole life, but instead realistically and genuinely immortalizing a moment in time. For this, the play succeeds in encouraging audiences to use their time to reflect on the experience they now collectively share with a larger community of audiences, and how this experience connects them to each other.