Audience: Anastasia Perevozova


Start Swimming

Start Swimming definitely leaves an imprint on your soul and makes your mind go places you have not gone before. Somehow what happens on stage allows you to feel and think emotions you are suppressing in every day life: anger, disappointment, desire to reach the highest heights, fighting for what is yours...

What happens on stage is a pure and beautiful composition of abstraction. Therefore, you really have to listen carefully. Once you hear what the characters are saying, really hear them and understand the subtext they are trying to deliver - you will get it. You will have a part of your universe opening up and discovering thoughts you almost forgot you could have, opinions you thought are incorrect, you will become strong again and you would want to go and make change. May be not for the whole world, but at least for yourself. It is always important to start small, just with yourself, before you will be ready to save the world.

Start Swimming is empowering and motivating, uncomfortable and challenging. Are you ready to challenge yourself while watching the theater? Then go see it.