Audience: Amy Luker


Embrace Love Free

The show is a multi sensory experience that takes you on an emotional ride of joy and agony, tears and laughter and back again…..the editing of his months of Facebook Live videos punctuate the show with levity while his time on stage drifting in and out of the beloved characters he created make us smile and laugh at ourselves and the inevitable human condition….everything the human experience has to offer pours forth from his immense and generous spirit throughout this very personal
and intimate show. First, he blows you away with this epic drum riff as he tells you about the unique trajectory of his life, as an artist and as a man. The riff builds and builds as his story flashes before our eyes in pictures and through our ears with narration….then it comes…the Cancer…seemingly out of nowhere ( but it was there all along) and does what life often does to us all…. yanks the ground right out from under you… or does it? Second, he takes you on the ride of your life with a myriad of characters both real and personified. I don’t want to describe them… not one… so you can experience them anew the way I got too… but I will say this… such creativity you will see…the characters will challenge you to see things from a new perspective… Like a beautiful dance of all the parts of this journey through his Cancer diagnosis and treatment. And Third, he will show you wisdom… the utter vulnerability will inspire all who see this one man play. Whether we have experienced cancer ourselves or watched those we love battle it or even if it hasn’t touched your life at all there are universal truths spoken here, things we can all relate to and learn from through Justin’s journey. His grace in the face of such grave circumstances is a testament to the way he has chosen to live… a life of Gratitude 🙏🏻 and Love.